Australians love to travel, doing the “vanlife” thing in a standard 4x4 vehicle. Roaming on lumpy and muddy roads with a 2WD car is not a good idea, so you need a 4WD for a better experience.

Before you search for 4x4 UTEs for sale Melbourne, doing homework will help you make the right choice. You will need to research features for your needs. So, let us make your research easier.

Here are some basic features you will need in a 4x4 UTE for camping:

Luggage Space And Load Capacity

All vehicles have a gross vehicle mass (GVM), giving you a measure of the total weight the car can weigh. Another important component is the kerb weight. This is the vehicle's net weight without passengers, fuel, and cargo. The difference between GVM and kerb weight is the weight you are allowed to carry.

All 4x4 vehicles offer a decent cargo space. However, you must be aware that there may be slight differences in the load-carrying and towing capacities. This is due to the suspension being tuned for a more comfortable ride.

Towing capacity

Towing capacity holds much importance when you want to bring a boat or caravan to your camping trip. Many large 4x4s offer towing capacity between 3000kg to 3500kg. But you must also consider the gross combination mass (GCM) when buying your car.

GCM is the total weight a vehicle and attached caravan/boat is permitted to weigh by the manufacturer. For example, a car has a GCM of 6850kg, but the manufacturer only allows 3500kg legally. You can find GCM in owner’s manual.

4x4 UTEs for sale Melbourne


Tyres keep your vehicle connected to the road. And they are one of the most important aspects determining your car’s longevity. When looking for 4x4 UTEs for sale Melbourne, you will find majorly two tyre types: highway and all-terrain.

Both tyre types have their own pros and cons, your usage and need make the difference. All-terrain tyres offer a smooth drive for tough road situations, and their strong construction results in fewer punctures. But they can be noisier when driving on the highway. Highway tyres are a good choice when you rarely leave the bitumen, but they are less suitable for challenging off-road drives.


The suspension consists of tyres, tyre air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect the vehicle and wheels and allow relative motion. A strong suspension system protects your vehicle’s rear end from sagging under the load of a heavy caravan.

If you are planning to carry or tow heavy loads for long term, then consider installing airbags into the rear springs. And you can also opt for a suspension upgrade to install heavy springs and shock absorbers in your vehicle.

To Sum Up

Owning a 4WD vehicle opens up a whole world of possibilities and adventures. It allows you to wander and experience the incredible wonders of Australia.

So, when you go out looking for 4x4 UTEs for sale Melbourne-wide, be sure you refer to this guide and make a well-considered purchase.